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CS Luxem Feeds the Dogs With New Music Video


In preparation for his Symptoms album release on Saturday, February 17, CS Luxem gave his fans a sneak peek into the album with a music video for one of his most established tracks yet, “Feed the Dogs.” The single has been one of CS Luxem’s most accessible and notable tracks in his long career, becoming a staple in Luxem’s live performances for over five years. The music video also came out in time to promote the eclectic live performance at The Bottleneck the night of the album release.

Midwest Coast is incredibly grateful and honored to collaborate with the local music veteran (and some local pups) to make the music video possible. As the Midwest Coast collective continues to improve the website, tell unique stories, share new ideas and collaborate with people in the Midwest region, you can expect to see more videos like this one coming in the future.

You can follow CS Luxem on Facebook and you can look into his older catalog of dope tunes on Bandcamp now. Be sure to get all of Midwest Coast’s updates on this site, Facebook and Instagram.

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